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As your governor, Dr. Don Etkes, Ph.D., will implement a political platform designed to increase the quality of life for California's families. As a Love and Sex Therapist, he has directly seen the terrible emotional and financial costs of broken families. His proposals will ultimately save much of the enormous amounts of money that broken dysfunctional families cost the state in terms of lost wages, mental health services, physical illness and trauma.

Dr. Don has the special skills needed to help heal the dysfunctional family that California politics has become. He counseled the criminally insane for almost 2 years. After that experience, politicians are easy.

Vote for Dr. Don to send a message to the old-style politicians that you're tired of ineffective government. Do to them what they've been doing to you for years.

On November 7, please write in "Dr. Don" Etkes on your ballot for California Governor.

Campaign Issues and Viewpoints